Durham Electric static, automatic and filtered capacitor controls use multiple, individual three phase capacitor cells. Automatic controls are equipped with capacitor rated contactors equipped with pre-insertion resistors, fused stages, control transformers, 120v control circuit, forced air ventilated with thermostat, status indicator lights and solid state 6, 8 or 12 step controller. See individual product data sheet for complete product dimensions and specifications

Capacitor Cell Specifications
Standard cell type M50
Rated frequency 60Hz
Maximum operating voltage 690 (Vn)

1.1 (Vn) 8hrs/ day
1.15 (Vn) 30min/day
1.2 (Vn) 5min/200 times
1.3 (Vn) 1min/200 times

Internally delta connected
Dielectric losses < 0.5 W/kVAR
Overpressure safety device
Factory installed discharge resistors
Tolerance   - 5%    +10%
Liquid filled, self healing
Temperature class 55°C max
Aluminum case

Enclosures - Automatic Controls  Enclosures - Static Units

Standard NEMA/EEMAC type 12
Rigid formed 12 GA steel  construction
Continuous welded seams 
Grounding stud with lug
Hinged doors with locking provisions
Forced air ventilated
Floor mount with bolt down provision
Lifting hooks
Removable back panels
ASA-61 polyester powder coat finish
Drawing pocket
Various standard sizes available

 Indoor type 1
  Rigid formed steel construction
  Minimum 14 ga
  Grounding stud
  Removable covers
  Louvered ventilation
  Wall, floor or combination
  ASA-61 Grey
  Polyester powder coat finish

Factory options
Fused and non-fused disconnect switches
Molded case circuit breaker
Outdoor weather proof enclosures
Space Heaters

  Harmonic Filters
  Protected blown fuse indication
  Custom designs
  Internal power fuses
Product Approvals
C.S.A. / E.S.A

Pre service commissioning
Power quality monitoring
Field Service



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